Educational farm

Educational farm

Educational farm on the region of Trieste,

"Tre Tigli" farm with educational activities and workshops for children.

With the educational farm we open up our company and we introduce many aspects to children, offering the practical opportunity to let children, teenagers and students know about our traditions, farming activities and animals, the cultivation of agricultural products and their transformation. Thanks to an experience of the daily life on our farm you can learn about fascinating and instructive aspects of our life, that of the animals, how we care for them and the origin and production of our food products.

You can then learn to recognize herbs and plants, taking advantage of an important opportunity to learn about a reality which is linked to the cycles of nature and the intelligent and sustainable use of natural resources. We help to teach respect for the environment and take the opportunity for human and personal growth. Our educational farm is a real open-air laboratory, a teaching laboratory, where the teachers are us and we put ourselves at your disposal to convey the "knowledge" of our work, concretely, and respect for animals and nature, through an interactive and experiential approach.

Here is an example of an educational path we offer:

  • Face-to-face with the animals in our stable: cattle, goats, pigs, hens, donkey
  • We learn to distinguish animals: species, races, needs, their relationship with man
  • Milk-cheese supply chain: we learn the phases of the production process which leads from milk to cheese
  • Pork and salami supply chain: we learn the phases of this production process
  • The vegetable garden and the seasons: learn about the vegetable cycle and their seasons through creative activities
  • History of the life and rural tradition of the Karst: through the "memories - told"
  • From wheat to bread
  • The vineyard
Laboratory activities

  • Production process: from milk to cheese
  • We prepare perfumed bags
  • Laboratory: from wheat to bread
  • Creative activities in the garden
  • Laboratory: soap and lavender

We can accommodate visitors of different ages and different needs on the educational farm, we have a multi-purpose room, a large porch with a garden and a nice playground.


Why take the kids to our educational farm?! For many reasons, for example to let them know the values of the most ancient rural traditions and appreciate every little thing which the territory offers!

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